Fast Aid Stayform Bandage

Stayform is a high quality woven polyamide and cellulose contour bandage that fully conforms to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) monograph. Designed to retain dressings securely to the wound without inhibiting movement or restricting circulation, Stayform is particularly effective when used on areas of the body that are usually awkward to dress, such as the hand.

Stayform is thin, lightweight and comfortable in use. The bandage’s non-fraying edges maintain a neat appearance and minimise the risk of fibre linting, which could contaminate the wound. Stayform is particularly gentle and kind to the most sensitive and delicate skin. Each bandage is supplied individually wrapped.

  • Retains dressings securely on any part of the body
  • Soft and conformable – will not restrict movement or circulation
  • Thin, lightweight & comfortable to use
  • Gentle and kind to delicate skin
  • Designed to be held securely in position using Fast Aid adhesive tapes