Fast Aid Orthopaedic Padding Bandage

Fast Aid Orthopaedic Padding Bandage is a soft and cushioning, conformable bandage that is easy to tear. Designed to protect bony prominences, it is applied directly to the skin for padding splints and under adhesive bandages. It is simply smoothed down and lightly adheres to itself for ease of application.

Manufactured from non absorbent polyester, the bandage is particularly suitable for use as undercast padding with both plaster of Paris and synthetic casts, allowing moisture to drain away from the skin and reducing the risk of skin maceration and sensitivity, whilst retaining its shape and loft, even when the padding becomes wet.

Fast Aid Orthopaedic Padding Bandage is also highly suitable for equine and general veterinary use.

Supplied individually wrapped for optimum infection control.

  • Soft, smooth and highly conformable
  • Protects bony prominences and sensitive areas
  • Ideal as undercast padding
  • Easy to apply and tear
  • Retains shape and loft even when wet
  • Also suitable for veterinary use
  • Individually packed