Electrolyte Gold

In order for a horse to perform at its best, it should be properly hydrated and fed sufficient levels of electrolytes. Horses are unique, in that they cool their bodies primarily by sweating large amounts of body fluids. Therefore water losses are significantly increased in the performance horse during hot weather and increased exercise. However, water is not the only substance that is lost during sweating. Electrolytes are also lost in great quantities. The composition of horses’ sweat is very unusual due to its hypertonicity, relative to plasma. This places even greater importance on electrolyte replacement. Electrolyte Gold has been formulated to eliminate the worry of a potentially debilitating electrolyte deficiency in the performance horse.

Packed in convenient single feeding sachets, ELECTROLYTE GOLD will “refresh” horses in training. The addition of high levels of the antioxidant Vitamins E (1000iu) and C (750mg) will also protect muscle tissue by eliminating ʻfree radicalsʼ, noxious by-products of exercise. Glycine and Glucose improve the rate of absorption of electrolytes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Long term deficiencies of sodium and potassium in the horse will upset normal bodily functions, therefore Electrolyte Gold should be given daily in times of hardwork or racing, heat stress, diarrhea or excitability or nervousness.

Instructions for Proper Use:

  • Horses in training / competition: One 50g sachet per day.
  • In hot climates and horses in transit: One 50g sachet per day.
  • Horses in light training: One 50g sachet every second day.

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.