EIPH – Extra Inputs for Performance Horses

Extra Inputs for Performance Horses (EIPH) is a complementary feed for horses designed to be fed to performance horses for the maintenance of a normal respiratory system. Containing high levels of Arginine, Magnesium, Vitamin K, C, B6 & B12 and Folic Acid and Hesperidin, this can be used on a daily basis for maintenance of the respiratory system. The addition of citrus bioflavonoids will help maintain capillary elasticity and flexibility with the aim of assisting performance and well being.

Product Benefits:

• Very high levels of Vitamin C to aid for antioxidant support
• Citrus bioflavonoids added at 50,000mg per kg to aid elasticity of capillaries
• Arginine and Magnesium for maintenance of normal blood pressure
• Use in conjunction with FREEFLOW for maximum results

Daily – Feed 50g per day (approximately 1 scoop)

ANALYSIS (per 50g)
Vitamin C 10,000mg
L-Arginine 5,000mg
Vitamin K3 100mg
Vitamin B6 100mg
Folic Acid 60mg
Vitamin B12 1,000mcg
Chelated Magnesium 5.51%