Copper-Trition Multi-Boost

Copper is an important mineral as it is used in the creation and maintenance of elastic structures such as connective tissue.

Copper is especially important in young growing horses, as bone collagen is one of the structures that relies on the presence of copper to develop correctly.

  • Copper-Trition Multiboost contains the same important nutrients as Copper-Trition, but contains significantly more copper for feeding to horses with low levels of this essential trace element.
  • Aids performance and wellbeing.
  • Supplies nutritionally significant amounts of organic copper and trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Copper helps create red blood cells which in turn carry oxygen throughout the horse’s body.
  • Copper-Trition Multiboost sachets contain three times the amount of copper per serving than Copper-Trition.

Available in Box of 50g x 10 sachets